GP3 Series 2017 – Season Preview

Despite having only been in existence for seven years, the GP3 Series has become arguably the best place to spot the next F1 superstar – this is the field of 2016 at the start of the feature race in Germany – and, with so many already having gone on to bigger and better things…who’ll join the roll of honour this time around?

OK, so it might not be the most spectacular series around…but it certainly does the job, doesn’t it? I mean, whichever way you look at it, the world of motorsport is incredibly difficult to get into at the best of times, and, while any aspiring racing driver worth their salt will be looking to make it to the very top, the reality is that they have to spend time in the junior ranks to prove their worth, but, with the top brass of Formula One teams watching on from the sidelines, there could hardly be a better shop window than this. However, there might well be problems on the horizon, and it’s nothing to do with the concept – in fact, the amount of talented drivers that have been produced in recent years shows just how successful things have been – but the changes that have gone on further up the single-seater ladder means it now suddenly looks out of sync, and, with some questioning whether it’ll even be around in the near future or not…the pressure’s on to see if they can come up with the answers. Despite all this, though, the GP3 Series is still one of the most prestigious championships in open-wheel racing, and, as the 2017 season prepares to burst into life this weekend…there’s plenty to get excited about.

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