Supercars 2018 – Season Preview

OK, so when you think of Australia, what immediately springs to mind - hot weather and golden beaches, maybe iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef, or perhaps just their stereotypical staple diet of beer and barbeques? Now, before I get myself into trouble, I know, of course, that that … Continue reading Supercars 2018 – Season Preview


WRC 2018 – Monte Carlo (Round 1)

It seems like we've been asking the same question for ages (which, in truth, we have) do you solve a problem like Sebastien? Now, for those of you who are perhaps new to the World Rally Championship, that might not mean an awful lot to you yet, but bear with me - while it's hard … Continue reading WRC 2018 – Monte Carlo (Round 1)

Motorsport’s power struggle – driving talent or financial clout?

The world of sport is becoming more and more commercialised almost by the day, and, to be honest, nowadays, it's quite difficult to work out where the line is between competition and business. Take, for instance, the simply staggering sums of money currently changing hands in football, with TV deals of more than £5.1 billion … Continue reading Motorsport’s power struggle – driving talent or financial clout?